2 Become 1 Bundle - For Couples

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About the '2 Become 1' Bundle 

If you are thinking of spicing up your iso-life during lockdown, then you've come to the right place! This '2 Become 1' Bundle was created especially for couples, as it offers a variety of pleasure tools to last for hours of fun with your partner. 

Marquise Dual Motor Warming Magic Wand (black)

Women have the pleasure of experiencing multiple orgasms, so why would we ever stop at one? Achieve that perfect post-orgasm glow with the Marquise's Dual Motor Magic Wand’s dual vibrating ends. Double the motor, double the pleasure.

Unlike any other wand, this features a unique warming head that gradually heats up to a desirable temperature as you glide it over your neck, your back, your clit, and your crack.

Want more? Arouse your partner with the Magic Wand’s  multiple vibrating options and its incredible multi-functionality.

KEENIGH Mood Cock Ring

The ultimate toy when '2 Become 1'! This fun couple play sex toy comes in a velvety smooth, waterproof (cock ring only) body safe silicone material that allows it to gently rest on the lady’s clitoris and male’s shaft or testicles (depending its orientation) during love-making in the bedroom, shower or bath. 

Tantalise all your erogenous parts with the Keenigh Mood Cock Ring! With a simple push of a button, this stretchy cock ring comes with 10 powerful vibration modes that will help stimulate and build up your sexual pleasure into a longer, more intense multi orgasm for both the mister and the missus. It even changes in colour with each unique vibration to set the mood.

Pearl Nipple Clamps

Who says pleasure and pain can’t go hand in hand? Or should we say, nipple in clamp? Use Yokubō Pearl Nipple Clamp's to tease your partner during foreplay and watch as they shiver with sweet pain upon each release of the clamp.

The easy grip & release nipple clamp makes it friendly for both beginners and advanced users with it’s adjustable fit to further intensify every climax. Be ready for a titillating orgasm, you’re in for a treat!

Sensual Teaser Duo

Fire up your imagination with the Yokubō Sensual Teaser Duo - Gold Chain & Tickler. Tease your partner with the interchangeable gold chain or feather tickler and experience a whole new range of exquisite sensations. Allow yourself to be fully liberated as you wait in fervent, sexual anticipation.

Bondage Safety Reminders

If it is either you or your partner’s first time, be sensitive and go slow. Bondage can be enjoyed by all if introduced correctly and not abrasively. Respond to your partner’s reactions appropriately and provide reassurances through encouragement and touch.


What do you get: 

1 x Marquise Dual Motor Warming Magic Wand (black) 
1 x KEENIGH Mood Cock Ring
1 x Pearl Nipple Clamps
1 x Sensual Teaser Duo

Add some love into your bundle with these cute greeting cards:

- "Just Thinking Of You!"

- "Treat Yourself, You Deserve It!"

- "Have Fun! But Don't Wake The Neighbours."


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